Toyota Battery Electric – The Freedom on Zero Fuel & Zero-Emissions

Our new generation of Battery-Electric vehicles (EV) benefit from our unrivalled experience in electrification to deliver an uncompromising blend of power, reliability, and usability. At least ten new zero-emission vehicles are due in the next five years, spearheaded by the PROACE Electric, a van offering 300 km pure electric range, 30-minute quick charging and all the capability and versatility of a conventional PROACE.

All the benefits of battery electric

As they run on battery power alone, an EV uses zero fuel and produces zero emissions. Simple to charge, refined and exhilarating to drive thanks to the instant torque from their electric motors, they also offer lower running costs than a conventional vehicle. And because they contribute to improved air quality in cities, you are free to drive them in low-emission and congestion charge zones.

Charging your electric vehicle

Whether you are charging at home, at the office or on the go at the growing number of rapid charging points, recharging your Battery-Electric vehicle is simple and convenient.

  • Domestic charging - It is possible to charge a Toyota EV from a household socket. Domestic charging is perfectly safe (as long as the socket is checked for suitability by a certified electrician) and a PROACE Electric’s 50 kWh battery can be recharged in 23-28 hours*.
  • Dedicated charging - These are the most common wall chargers, found in residential garages, driveways and many office car parks. These dedicated units are faster to charge than a domestic socket and a PROACE Electric’s 50 kWh battery can be recharged in 4.75 hours*.
  • Quick charging - Rapid charging points can be found in a number of public locations, from motorways service stations to petrol stations and supermarkets. These highly efficient units are able to recharge a Toyota PROACE Electric’s 50 kWh battery in just 0.5 hours*.

Staying power

Like every element in a Toyota, the batteries in our all-electric vehicles are engineered to last. For peace of mind, every battery comes with an 8-year/160,000km warranty.

Our take-back scheme ensures that when our EV batteries reach the end of their life they are dealt with safely and responsibly. Toyota Authorised Repairers currently dispose of more than 90% of our batteries and we aim to recycle over 50% of the weight of a Hybrid battery.

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